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The Tampa Times from Tampa, Florida • 7

The Tampa Times from Tampa, Florida • 7

The Tampa Timesi
Tampa, Florida
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i BIONDAY, JULY 22, 1912 THE TA3IPA DAILY TIMES SPECIAL mm mm sj imaw fmm Mm llUllfliiiHWllWIM.WliaHIMtliM QUADI ii i is Syrup Pitchers Iffy 1 is worth a good deal this time Of Bread and Cake Tr Fruit Bowls Tea Sets, 5 pieces Butter Dishes united in the holy bonds of matrimony Party for Bride-elect. Mrs. C. A. Harper and Miss Lillian to Dr.

Joseph Lee Kirby-Smith. year We' have prepared for your comfort by offering all Porch SOCIAL CALENDAR. "Watch our Show Windows' The wedding was exceedingly quiet, Davis entertain Friday afternoon i only the immediate relatives of the, with a "shower," given at the home 20 North A street contracting parties being present to of Miss Davis, W. H. BeckV Tuesday, July 2S.

4" Concert at the Gary Methodist church. I witness the Impressive ceremony. The honoree will be Miss Nell Ray, 1 which was solemnized by Rev. Van Winder Shields. whose marriage to Mr.

Doyle Carlton will take place on the evening of July "Tie FT 410 TAMPA. Young Matrons' club, Mrs. J. W. Bradley.

Rockers at 30. This affair will be one of the- The wedding music wa played by Literary meeting, Tampa Mr. E. Vernon Heal, who also played pleasantest that will be given this Heights Methodist church, 4 p. m.

softly during the ceremony. week. W. C. T.

U. Meeting. The W. C. T.

U. will meet WedneS' The bride, a stunning brunette, was never lovelier than tin her wedding 20 Reduction gown, an exquisite white embroiaerea Wednesday, July 24. S. B. B.

club.XMiss Louise Biglow. Ruh Rebekah lodge, 7:30 p. m. lingerie frock, with which was worn day afternoon in the lecture room of the First Methodist church. This I 4 meeting will be observed as the "loyal becoming white picture hat.

bne carried a bouquet of bridesroses, with shower of lilies of the temperance legion day," "a.nd an interesting program is being arranged. All who are interested in children's Her only attendant was her sister, V. C. T. First Mehodist church.

Thursday July 25. Tampa Chapter, Order of East- -em Star, Masonic Temple, p. m. 4 Miss Frances Anderson, maid of honor. work, either in church or Sundays who, wore a beautiful white lingerie gown and white hat.

She carried an Four Pictures Frat school, are invited to attend. Ruth Rebekah Lodge. arm bouquet of bridesmaid roses. We show two windows of them, all marked in plain figures- We would suggest an early Dr. Kirby-Smith had as best man DURIN BRING IN YOUR PI0 Friday, July 2.

Just Sew Sew club, Mrs. Wal- lace Caruthers. There will be a meeting Wednesday Mr. Stewart Frame. Immediately after the ceremony the Miscellaneous shower, Mrs.

C. evening at 7:30 of the Ruth Rebekah lodge. A full attendance is desired, as the degree is to be conferred. All young coupTe repaired to the home of 5 A. Harper and Miss Lillian Da- the brld and left soon after for a Tampa PtioU vis for Miss Nell Ray, 4 to 6.

wedding trip in Tennessee, where they will visit Dr. Smith's relatives In very visiting members will be welcomed. Eastern Star. Tampa chapter No. 11, Order of the 314 fr ij, 1, 1, ifr ii ii fr ii call.

They are moving, quickly. The bride traveled in a stylish coat Eastern Star, will meet Thursday even suit of. blue whipcord and wore a dainty white lingerie waist. Her hat A wedding of widespread interest is tat of Miss Lillian Lee Anderson and was of tan, fashioned with trimmings of blue. at ba: The bride formerly resided in Ocala, ing at 8 o'clock at the Masonic temple, corner of Lafayette and Morgan street.

Literary Meeting. The literary meeting of the Tampa Heights Methodist church wilL held tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock at the but during her residence In this city has been exceedingly popular. She attended Vassar, and made her debut to Dr. Joseph Lee Kirby-Smith, which took place in -Jacksonville Saturday afternoon. The bride is from one of Florida's most prominent families and has many friends in Tampa as well as I in many other towns of the state.

Dr. Kirby-Smith is a graduate of the University of the South at Sewanee, and has a number of former school -GOOD, SOUND, NEW II IPANV COMPLETE inn nil i society in Jacksonville, being one of When bought with th most noDiilar erirls in tha societv FRANKLIN ST. 1" I M'TjJ r7? 2-lb. pail Snowdrift Lard Only. sei.

4-lb. pail Snowdrift' Lard Drt Kirby-Smith is connected with io-id. pall Snowdrift Lard tinlv. one of the most aristocratic families in Tennessee and has many friends in that state and throughout Florida who z-lD. pail Cottolene 4-lb.

pall Cottolene only 10-Ib. pail Cottolene' bnlv mates here. The following from the Times-Union will be of Interest: St. John's Episcopal church was the scene of a simple yet beautiful shedding yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock, when Miss Lillian Lee Anderson was will be interested to learn of his mar cans My Favorite Corn" onUii cans Baby Fox River Mllk.1 riage. 1 UNDERWOOD'S MUSTARD SARDINES, the 15c Ij The many friends of this young cans Family Pet Milk couple extend best wishes for their future happiness and prosperity.

After an extended wedding trip they will All Goods Sold Guaj be at home to their friends in Jack h. a. sonville. The following announcement card is 1310-131 being issued to the friends of the con Mr. Ernest Maas will leave Thursday night for New York to purchase the stock for the ready to wear department of the Maas store.

Mr. Maas will also take orders for.any. Tampa ladies who so desire and give them his personal attention while in the metropolis. En route to New York he will stop Over for a few days in Warrenton, where hiswife and babyare spending the summer. C.

Lastinger and little daughter Evelin left yesterday for Mississippi to visit relatives. Mrs. Lastinger has been confined for the past two years with rheumatism but is much better now. Before her return in the fall she will go to Hot Springs for treatment, her many Tampa friends hope that she will return entirely restored in health. Miss Nar Warren Yancey has arrived from Nashville, to spend the summer with her parents, Dr.

And Mrs. Yancey, on Brevard avenue. Miss Yancey is a talented musician and is1 tracting parties: MARKET PHONE 1331 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L.

Anderson Special Sale of Stamped announce the marriage of their daugh ter, Lillian Lee, to Dr. Joseph Lee 1 UNDERWOOD'S DEVILED HAM, -lb, the tin. I 2-lb cas GUAVAS, in syrup, the tin. V. 20c 1 I FRESH I I Telephone 730 and 683.

314 Franklin St. LAW ALLGOOD mflk You're a Bird att nmiTm Kirby-Smith. Saturday, July 20, 1912, at o'clock, St. John'g Episcopal church, Jacksonville, Fla." LET PillowCases Dinner at Country Club. YOU TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY Yesterday evening a delightful dinner party was given at the Country club by Mr.

and Mrs. W. S. Oppen-heimer In honor of Miss Irma Oppen-heimer and her fiance, Mr. Alfred Haas of Montgomery.

Their other guests were Mr. Oppenheimer's father, Mr. S. Oppenheimer of Montgomery, Dr. L.

S. Oppenheimer, Miss Hortense and Olive Oppenheimer, Miss Claire a graduate of the Boston Conservatory. These Pillow Cases are full Miss Melvine Burts and her house We are now in a position to furnish your larder with guest, Miss Sue Simpson of Gainesville, and Miss Mabel Anderson, Hertz, Mr. Orin McFarlandf Mr. James, went over to St.

Petersburg yesterday F. Davis and Mr. Alf Phillips. attend a house party given by Miss size and will be on sale Tuesday and Wednesday only at 39c EACH. This is your opportunity to Miss Peachy Hendley of Tampa, who THE NECESSITIES of life tet living prices.

Staple and Fancy Groceries, Vegetables, Fresh Meats, Poultry, etc. UEML GQMPARIV Jessie Reed. S. Clark has returned from 5 S8lp MOTHER'S HOME-MADE formerly resided in this city, spent several days here last week visiting Jacksonville, where she went last week friends. Her many young friends here gladly welcomed her.

Pasco County get a bargain. Record (Dade City). Phones: 17 and 183. 108 Lafayette. -W dUOJ.

A Hll BETTER." FINE PASTRY 10 CENTS. to attend the wedding of Miss Lillian Lee Anderson and Dr. Joseph Lee Kir by-Smith, which took place Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs.

C. A. Harper have returned from Anna Maria, where they have been spending several days. Dr. A.

S. Ives will return JVednes- day from Hendersonville, N. where he has been with his family for the past two weens. Mrs. ives ana tne children will remain until September.

HOT WEATHER HIXTS. Mr. J. L. Reed has returned from a month's stay In Baltimore.

Port Tampa City and Port Tampa S. F. BISSETT. Reporter. Phone 404J.

Thirst Quenchers and Inexpensive Delicacies Easily Made at Home. A nice drink for invalids is this: Put into a glass two tablespoonfuls of grape juice, add to this the --beaten white of an egg and a little chopped ice. Sprinkle sugar over th- top and Port Tampa July 22. master W. H.

Dowell in charge, was The American steamship D. H. Luck-, a most welcome visitor to Port Tam-enbach, Captain' Coonan, arrived at pa today. The railroad boys are al Port Tampa yesterday for a cargo of ways glad to see Mr. Dowell, who is 3,400 tons of phosphate for Baltimore well liked among the employes.

serve. Strain the Juice f-om a quart of raspberries and add the juice of J. loaded by the Atlantic Coast Line, The Ladles' Aid society of the Bap- W. Morris, agent. The British steamship C.

lenda ar rived at Port Tampa yesterday, light. and will load out with 2,700 tons of phosphate for Amsterdam, from the Atlantic Coast Line, Philip Shore, Bost Bin's Cafe Open! agent, The Spanish steamship Durango, Captain Gary, arrived at Port Tampa one lemon. Sweeten with granulated sugar and add chipped ice as needed to make a glass of raspberry ice water. A tablespoonful of currant jelly and the same amount of lemon juice, with a dash of nutmeg, is excellent to mix with ice water, and quickly quenches the thirst. An egg poached In scalded milk is greatly improved in favor, and the hot milk can be poured over the toasted Scald the milk in a double boiler and add salt, butter and pepper.

This makes an excellent breakfast dish fSr an invalid Another delicate -way to serve an egg is to first cut the bread very thin with a biscuit cutter and fry it a light yesterday afternoon light and will load out with 4,400 tons of phosphate for Rouen, from the Atlantic Coast Line, J. W. Morris, agent. The P. O.

eamship Olivette, Captain arrived at Port Tarn tist church will meet Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. F. H. Webb' at Bal-laet Point. The ladies are all que3ted to meet at Mrs.

C. T. Hender- son's In time to take the 3:15 o'clock from Port Tampa and go In i body to Mrs. Webb's. It is hoped every member of the society will at- tend this meeting.

E. B. Nelson ha returned from a pleasant trip to Jacksonville and San-ford. W. G.

Smathers of Lakeland spent Sunday with friends in Port Tampa City. C. F. Marshall has returned from Ocklawha, where he. was called by the illness of his wife, who is visiting relatives there.

He left Marr shall much better. Quite a number of the Coast Line employes from rt Tar attended the meeting in Sanford yesterday, called by -assistant Superintendent Crown to discuss the matter of better handling of freight. Those from here included I. P. lbson, J.

Lee, S. H. Kirkpatrick, Davis, S. H. Msby, E.

C. Kesson, F. A. Hansard, T. H.

Lamb, H. C. McMullen and C. C. Clark.

J. E. Hicks spent Sunday in San pa yesterday afternoon from Key West with, forty-five passengers and 600 packages of freU'h The, Oli vette sailed on her return trip at mid night Sunday with first brown in butter. Sprinkle a little parsley over it and put a poached egg on top. You Get the Best There is quality about what we have to serve, and excellence about the way we serve it.

No doubt about any feature here. No danger of an unpleasant meal, for it's all up to a proper standard. class passengers, thirty-six second-class and twenty tons of freight. The Olivette is still roing only far as Key West, transferring her Havana passengers and freight to the Mas- cotte there and laying at Key West until the return of the Mascotte. The schooner Edward H.

Cole, Captain Rogers, cleared and sailed from Quick relief for a sick headache is found by drinking a half glass water to which has been added one-half teaspoonful of soda and the juitfe of half a lemon. Nausea may be relieved by laying a cloth wet with spirits of camphor or turpentine on the pit of the stomach, or a cup of black coffee, hot and strong, often relieve the condition. A cup of hot milk tiken just before retiring will induce sleep and as a laxative. A cold, wet cloth on the back of the neck with a towel folded smoothly over It will quiet the nerves better than an opiate. It is Port Tampa early this morninc for Baltimore with 2,400 tons of phos phate loaded by the Atlantic Coast ford attending the meeting of ths ET.

of E. The regular weekly dance will he 50c 35c 25c Regular Dinners, changed daily Business Mens Lunch Bostains Special Lunch given at the Calumet club tonight. AH the ycung people are cordially inylted to attend. i l-especially good In the case of a dull Frank E. Nelson, safe expert.

1427 Franklin street. Umbrellas covered' SHORT ORDERS at any and all times. Served in the most appetizing manner possible. and repaired. headache.

Awash boiler or other tin box answers very well for a temporary refrigerator In a sick room. Fasten strings to the corner of a piece of flannel and spread it in the top of the boiler, tying the strings under the bottom to hold it in place. Lay the-ice on this, crushing it first. If nee'd- Wlnona Winter to have an all summer engagement in vaudeville. To dine at BOSTAIN'S is to dine at peace and comfort.

It is thoroughly ventillated. All new and exquisitely clean, and the electric fans are there to keep a cooling breeze constantly Line. The Cole discharged a cargo of coal here. She was towed to the bar by the Neptune, Captain Cross. The termoinals Port Tampa present a busy appearance Just at present, there being one schooner and five big tramp steamers la.ic'ing phosphate or waiting their Jurn at the elevators.

The total argo of the five steamers amounts to about 16,000 tons, which help make the present month a record-breaker in phosphate shipments The American steamship Massa-peque, Captain Olsen, arrived at Port Tampa yesterday, light, from Porto Rico and will be loaded out with 8,700 tons of phosphate for Chrome, by the Atlantic Coast Line, J. W. Morris, agent. Personals and Xews Xote9. 1 R.

W. Brown has returned after, a pleasant visit to relatives in Fitzgerald, Ga. Fred Carroll of Jacksonville Is the guest of his brother M. Carroll, for a few days. Mr.

and Mrs. M. R. Touman and Spread another piece of flannel over it and put on the lid. Jlottles of milk or drinking water may be slipped under the flannel in the bottom or laid with the ice on top.

Wash-1 tngton Star. IRIS THEATER SOUVENIR NIGHT. REGAN-LEWIS CO. In the Great Alaskan Melodrama, The Boston Nationals are suffering from a terrific attendance slump. Of Cafe course Kling's team is an awful shine compared with the Red Sox and is stung accordingly.

Harry-B. Smith, the musical comedy librettist, is said to have made a fortune of about $2,000,000 In that The Card King of the Coast" children left thin tnnrninfl' nn vlatf 609 Franltlin Street. friends and relatives at Waterboro, field. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday BANANAS 25c BUNCH. s.

c. Mr. and Mrs. Stalllngs of Orient are the guests.of their son, O. N.

Stalllngs, of Port Tampa City. Mr. and Mrs. L. W.

Freeman and children returned yesterday from a SEND DOWN AND GET A NICE LUSCIOUS BUNCH FOR tup rmT.nRttw cvrv and Thursday Matinee. Balance of Week, "HER CHOICE." Phone 1023. month's visit to friends and relatives momm visit to irienas ana relatives! j. u. x.

ouvii- INGER'S WAREHOUSE, WA-lat Savannah, Atlanta and Meldrin, flm. TER COR. WASHINGTON. I he Coast Lino pay car with Pay- BEST COPY AVAILABLE v-.

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