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The Tampa Times from Tampa, Florida • 4
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The Tampa Times from Tampa, Florida • 4

The Tampa Timesi
Tampa, Florida
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THE TAMPA DAILY TIMES, MONDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1957 Four Tune In On WDAE-TU, 100.7 Me. Tun In On XPDAE, 1250 5000 VTatts, ColumbU Network Blast Damages Restaurant In Jax I Ar Paia Dlnnc Jacksonville, Dec. 23 Department estimated damagelMll lUlVVI lUllrf Scholarships To Be Given Avon Park, Dec. 23 (JP). The! New Haven June 29 to July 24.

Luke's Research Sets the Time, Reason for Trip Firemen said a pipe feeding gas Professional people and com- (Continued From Page 1) i almond trees end olives, to the platters, amid loud aiconouc renaomiauon steaming heights of Bethlehem. lew Jet Bomber munity leaders interested in the subject are eligible to apply. not to collect taxes, but to compile lists of future levies. Jews by custom, had to register at the program will otier live scnoiar-slAps to Yale University'i Summer School of Alcohol Studies next year. Visits the Inn at $25,000.

Ron Steiner of Wisconsin turned in the longest scoring play of the Big Ten football season during 1957. He intercepted a pass against West Virginia and went 94 yards. to a boiler from underground storage tanks became clogged and exploded yesterday at a restaurant in Southgate Plaza. Portions of two walls were blown out of the restaurant. Lt.

T. W. Burkhart of the Fire Times Want Ads received until 10:30 A.M., of day's publication. The school will be held at Washington, Dec. 23 ().

The Air Force said today it has This was ancient Ephrath, patriarchal seat of David, city of the shepherd king Bethle ordered manufacture of a laughter. A fireplace crackled, and sweating, bearded man, bis tunic open at the chest, turned a spit of meat over. Apparently he was the inn keeper. A younger man was roasting cuts of meat over two burning tripods. Somewhere, a dish crashed.

Luke approached the dis original seat of their tribe or clan. Verified Each Step For Mary and Joseph, this had meant a hard, hazardous hem. bomber capable of flying more than 2000 miles an hour for long distances at ceilings over 70,000 feet. A spokesman said it is an arrangement for North Ameri SAFE, SOUND INSURANCE PROTECTION PROPERLY APPLIED 1 AT s. trip from Nazareth, with her in most fragile condition.

All of it had happened 60 years before Luke pieced together the sequence, but he had verified traught innkeeper, "Might you be able He did not get to finish the question. The inn Personal Insurance Analyses and Industrial Surveys "And Joseph also went up from Galilee, from the city of Nazareth, to Judea, to the city of David, which Is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and lineage of David, to be enrolled with Mary, his betrothed, who was with child." can Aviation to produce prototype planes looking well ahead in development, but not yet ARTISTICALLY HAND PAINTED each step of the way. keeper barked: As suggested by Mathew and I ZTZ 1 (01 REG. CIS "There's no room, no room I tell you, no room!" Luke, there at the bustling inn, knew how it must have a contract for quantity production-Most details of the contract were kept secret. The' amount was not disclosed.

by Mary's own vords, however tactfully phrased, Luke knew there had been sor shock among people in Nazareth when The inn was a two-floor Webb, Am. Mar. 203 FRANKLIN ST. TAMPA CI Ivln. Manager PHONtS: 2-3Mf and 2-3W been for Joseph and Mary.

(Tomorrow: Night of nights.) she conceived. 'Art It is understood the bomber will use an advanced fuel pro-Iducinz more thrust than the structure, forming an enclosed courtyard in the rear. On the upper level were sleeping quarters for travelers. Below animals were sheltered. Luke could hear their bawling and braying.

Although she was not required by law to accompany Joseph for th enrollment, she did so rather than remain alone among: tongue-wagging: neighbors, even with the delivery of her child near at hand. She needed her hus LIMITED TIME ONtlf HAND. PAINTED MUSICAL TREASURE CHESTS fuels burned in conventional jets. By comparison, the B58, the most advanced bomber now in the Air Force arsenal but not yet being produced in quantity, is reputed to have a speed in the neighborhood of 1300 miles an hour and a ceiling of 50,000 feet. Idlers on Portico Chimes Out A Melody When Opened the front gate faced The street.

band at her side. Luke had retraced their journey, from the slopes of Nazareth down into the mosquito-swarming marshes of the Jordan, and on into the rocky footpaths of Judea. Along it moved donkey pack trains, burdened with wine casks and bales of flax. Traders PLENTY FREE Miami Man Held These gayly colored chesti chime out a melody every time they are opened. Choice of black or white Honshu Vt lacquered finish with hand painted decoration and inlaid Mother-of-pearl.

Lined with TeT' l01' 3x5" n'rror- Lindsley Lumber PARKING i Here On Robbery TT haggled. Women carried baskets of linen to wash at a nearby pool. Slaves, with litters of rich owners, shouted, "Make way." Luke shouldered his way Investigation A Terrible Strain This route, though often traveled by Galileans to avoid the hostile main road through anti- A man who said he is a ice former Miami policeman was portico, and into the inn's bigijj Jewish Samaria, was an exhausting, rugged passage, cruel picked up today in the investigation of a $70 holdup. puDiic room, a prolusion oi smoke, odors, shouts, laughter, babbling and lights assailed ly not bummer, a soggy Detective Derrel Brown said morass in Winter. jj Since 1 II I 76 Years of Service fj It ram pa 4335 E.

Hillsborough Ph. 3-6573 4 Tfr Tampa 5401 W.Hillsborough... Ph. RE 7-5701 It) Tampa 3500 Henderson Blvd. Ph.

RE 6-2437 fjft If, Tampa 4002 Gandy Blvd Ph. 61-1381 Clearwater 1112 Maple St Ph. 3-1053 Tft Sr. Petersburg 2300 5th S. Ph.

7-0193 Vk $1 TREE DELIVERY Open Sat. to P.M. him. Earl Lee (Tiny) Phillips, 40, admitted robbing Mitchell C. Robertson, a Tampa bus driver, Saturday night.

Phillips said he staged the Mary and Joseph made the trip in the cold, wet season, with their one donkey, a bag: of food, a goatskin of water and a few coverlets folded on the donkey's back. It must have been a terrible strain. On the. way down from Naz This must have been what the desperate Joseph encountered when, his voice shaking: and pleading, he asked a room for his weary wife, with her child only hours away. holdup hoping to be arrested to get psychiatric treatment, and threw most of the money away, SAVE 25 On AH Wagons Tricycles Tractors Autos Pery Only $1.25 Wk.

SAVE 25 On all sizes sidewalk bikes with training wheels. SAVE 6.07 Lady Ronson SHAVER $088 Only $1 Down, 1.25 Week Brown said. areth, Luke had halted briefly The Detective said officers There Is No Room several times to treat the sick. In the big room, a knot of He administered wormwood extract to a child in Nain with FORGEj someone? found $51 in a wooded area near Phillips' rooming house, with the prisoner showing them the way. an intestinal infection.

Luke the Physician leather-garbed Roman soldiers held tankards of cider, and sang lustily. Men wandered about, or lounged on seats. Arms reached out at serving women as they passed with Robertson said Phillips had what appeared to be a heart attack on his bus shortly before the holdup and Robertson A little farther on, he bound up a sickle cut on a farmer's -leg after disinfecting it with wine President, SAVE 50 Security Council SPECIAL SALE PRICES Hold Meeting (Continued From Page 1) on ell helped him get settled in a seat. Phillips is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs about 275 pounds, and his size led to being located and arrested. Phillips said he worked as a Miami policeman for two years on 'special assignments and was discharged with 23 other officers "because of some trouble in the department." He has worked at odd jobs around Tampa produce markets for 18 months.

Brown said Phillips will be charged tomorrow with robbery and will be examined by a psychiatrist. SAVE 50 American Flyer Train Accessories fc Curved Track Straight Track Transformers DOWNTOWN STORE decision has been made as toi whether there will be suchj meetings before Congress reconvenes Jan. .7. On AH oil. Near Beth-shean, he put a hot fig poultice on a stonemason with a 'furuncle on his neck, then gathered his apothecary kit, and went on.

"Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these, my brethren," Jesus had said, "ye have done it unto As Luke followed the course of Joseph and Mary along the serpentine river, with its overgrown swamps and bogs, he could visualize the trials they met. Creatures hissed and croaked in- the moss-draped mangroves, and insects buzzed at one's ears. Eyes in the Dark At night, sparks of eyes glit is Bicycles While They Last! $5 .50 wk. Eisenhower's radio-TV report tonight will present his first public comment on the NATO conference since his return from Paris. The conference, seeking unity among the North Atlantic Treiaty countries in the fate of Russia's missile developments, adopted a two-way approach.

The NATO chiefs of state approved the U. S. idea of basing intermediate range missiles in Police Probing For Cause In Mysterious Death Mi G-E Portable Mixers tered from the foliage, jackals yapped, bats whirred overhead and underbrush snapped with Investigation is underway Europe and at the same time called for further disarmament into the cause of death of an elderly man found face the movement of wild boars, negotiations with the Russians SAVE $8.00 AUTOMATIC 12" ELECTRIC FRY PAH Special Only $1Q95 i and creepers. Mary and Proposed Meeting down in the front seat of aicas Russia already has indicated Joseph must have camped here car early today. SAVE 7.00 AUTOMATIC COMBINATION Grill end Waffle Iron Special SI 088 Only 1.50 Down1.25 Wk.

A. B. Carter, 66, of St. Peters it is not interested in a NATO-proposed meeting of foreign at least one night. It was a 40-mile stretch through the river bottom, but burg, was discovered early this ministers to discuss disarma morning Chevrolet con still time to get the perfect gift Gift bottle, Gift wrapped (at no extra cost) ment.

Soviet leaders called in finally, the road swung east vertible parked in a sandlot Special Yj BiS 1.50 Down 1.25 Wk. Free Cover 1.50 Down- Wk. HI W1 rN ward, across the fords- toward Archelais and Jericho in Judea. Altogether, the trip must have taken them at least three days, probably four, with worry about Mary in every step. Possibly they spent a night in a vineyard watchman's hut, or with other strangers.

Jewish law urges such hospitality. Luke had tramped on along the couple's path, through the odd, barren sink near Jericho, across from the Cardinal Paint and Body Shop, 606 N. Newport. Detectives J. E.

Bridges and C. M. Baker reported finding Carter's body wedged under the steering wheel with his fett pressed against the opposite window. His clothes were badly disarranged as if he had been dragged for some distance, police said. A post-mortem examination is being conducted to determine the cause of death.

stead for a special United Nations session, or some other full scale international conference. The i Dulles broadcast will be carried "live" at 8:30 P. M. (EST) by CBS-TV. The President returned last Friday from Europe, and he has not made any public statements about the NATO meeting since his return.

Essential Decisions Dulles told newsmen upon his arrival here Saturday that the 15-nation Atlantic pact meeting "took all the essential decisions for which we had Ma NO M0R 15 si IF YOU CAN GIVE A BETTER KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY YRS. OLD 86 PROOF 'ANCIENT AGE OIST. CO, FRANKFORT, KY. with its whirling columns of ASHING DISHES dust, on past Bethany and Jerusalem, climbing the tortu Mobile Moid ii TLiie i ous mountain roads, on past hoped." Rachel's tomb, and up the ter raced plateau that sweeps upward like the walls of an amphitheater, dotted with pink your family Best for you an Ij The secretary said, response to questions, that he did not feel "discouraged or unhappy" because the NATO conference accepted, in principle Tl Automatic Dishwasher only, the idea of establishing U. S.

missile bases overseas. FREE PAIIIT I INTRODUCTORY JCC COUPON ss-s i. Ingrid Bergman To Spend Yule With Rossellini MARY CARTER PAINTS rr i 3 TWIM AUTO MATS 1 REAR MATSHIELD Fit all modern ears jt Reg. $7.95 1 "Free can of any famous 13 paint with every one yout Hrry. 4.98 up.

Factory London, Dec. 23 (JP). Actress Ingrid Bergman, her suitcases J. "QW offer." Ph. 2-3594.

jj 2750 Fla. 2302 N. Dalt Mby. 3012 E. 8319 Nebraska 2710 MacDIII jammed with toys, flew to Rome today to spend Christmas with her children and her estranged husband, Roberto Rossellini.

l.r.i in. 1 Automatic Deter gent Dispenser "Wotercouple" Connector Cushioned Vinyl Interior Flushaway Drain Automatic Control Five Minute Wash Power Pre-Rinse All-rubber mats prefect new Floor mats, cover worn spots on old mats. Easy to j( install, easy to clean. Set fLt includes 3 mats I for driver's side, I for passen- ger. I designed specially for ffi0MP the rear.

Gail Borden Milk, is best for you and your family because it supplies ihs natural vzy tne vitamins and minerals needed every day. Actually, one quart of Gail Borden Milk proviJes 100 of the minimum adult daily requirements of 9 out of 10 vitamins and minerals considered essentia! to good health. Gail Borden Milk takes the guesswork out of family nutrition yet it costs only one cent more per quart than regular homogenized milk. Start your family on Gail Borden Milk today! TIMELY TIP for the HOLIDAYS Extra amounts of rich foods and beverages during the holiday season often cause restless nights. Here's a suggestion -To sleep better, and feel better in the morningdrink a big glass of Gail Borden Milk at bedtime.

Tampa Federal Savings and Loan Association will close its doors at noon on Christmas Eve, December 24th, to allow the staff to finish their last minute Christmas arrangements. Open Your Easy Goodyear At. 1 T)95 SP.20 I Budget Account! Pay Only $1.50 Week hi i. T. I I It DOWNTOWN DALE MAERY Vk ft Try it! PHONE BORDEN'S DAIRY FOR HOME Service Stores PHONE Cor.

Morgan 2nd Twiggs PHOHE 61-1891 Aerosi from Telephone Bldg. 2-032 SAVINGS mni LOAN ASSOCIATION FRANKLIN AT LAFAYETTI PHONE 2-0881 3313 S. DUE MAERY Across from Brirton Plaio DELIVERY OR BUY IT AT YOUR STORE. 1957 by Th Bofden Company.

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